A practical roadmap to develop drug products.

How to Develop Drug Products is about applying experimental designs within a sequential framework to develop drug products. This concise guide provides insightful case studies, actionable strategies, and templates that harness your ability to problem solve effectively. 

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“A well-done primer. I especially liked the chapters where the authors analyze data and then relate the results back to the original problem at hand.”

Dr. Johannes Ledolter
Professor of Business Analytics
University of Iowa

Made for formulators
and managers

Cultivate experimental design thinking and improve their drug development process.

Develop an investigative mindset through sequential experimental design.

Digest their data using tabular and graphical analyses.

Avoid common mistakes in the design and analysis of experiments.

Use helpful mnemonics to recall design and analysis tools.

Downloads examples
directly from the book

Chapters 1 & 2

Introduces and elaborates on the sequential experimental design approach.

Statistical Outputs

Statistical analysis, R codes, and a worksheet for basic factorial analysis.

Useful Mnemonics

Visual reminders of experimental design thinking and the tools to analyze data.

About the Authors

MURAT KULAHCI, Ph.D., is a Professor of Industrial Statistics at the Technical University of Denmark and the Luleå University of Technology in Sweden.

ANIL MENON, Ph.D., has 25 years of experience applying data and design tools to develop and manufacture drug products for global markets.